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Bodegas Berceo


  • Year founded: 1872
  • Barrels: 4.000
  • Capacity: 1.200.000 litros
  • Acres of vineyards: 50
  • Distribution: 900.000 litros
  • internal: 80%
  • External: 20%
  • Appellation: Rioja
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Our devotion to wine knows no limits. A Group led by a wine-growing family such as ours, working with a close-knit team of such evidently competent collaborators, can make any of their dreams a reality. We humbly believe, at the risk of contradicting that great Spanish Golden Age playwright, that dreams are the forerunners of initiative.

Vista del viñedoOurs are based on two sources of inspiration, those which today feed the world of wine: one is found in the age-old experience of the Old European Continent and the other comes from the New World and its cutting-edge style.

Consequently, we have wine-producing estates in a number of areas. We have 10 production centres with totally different land and climates in the three sub-areas of Rioja: Haro, San Adrián, Baños de Ebro, Sojuela, Medrano, Autol, Entrena, San Asensio, Ventosa and Andosilla. In Navarre, we apply the same criteria in three areas: Eslava, in the foothills, Villafranca y Corella in the Ribera Alta and Carcar in the Tierra Estella. Our Tierra de Extremadura wines, which are undergoing a decisive moment of being promoted into higher quality varieties, come from the Ribera del Guadiana region. Lastly, the French Pays D’Oc wines are produced from the best vines in this wine-growing region whose reputation is beyond doubt.

Vista de la bodega de crianzaIn the New World, however, it is the variety that determines the character of the wine; the grape plays the leading role in guaranteeing consistency, harvest after harvest. Following this trail, we arrived at the heart of the best wine-producing area of Chile, the Valle de Colchagua. There, in genuine “château style”, we acquired an 80-hectare vineyard, which we called “La Baronía”, and we improved its potential by replanting the whole estate with old vine varieties: Carménère, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Pinot Noir and Malbec, the most outstanding ones in the country, in order to offer wines from a clearly Spanish Group in the New World style.

The first advocates the influence of the terroir, the plot, the estate or the pago (single estate), for creating an exclusive product. Why is the fruit from two vineyards only a few kilometres apart so completely different, despite having received identical care and attention? Because their lands are different, as are the winds that blow over them, the slope of the ground, the water that may flow near them, etc. There is a long list of geoclimatic reasons that transmit exclusivity to the vine and make it unique. We absorb this philosophy and demonstrate it in the style of our wines from Rioja, Navarre, Extremadura and France.


Viña Berceo   >> Blanco
Viña Berceo Barrica   >> Blanco
Viñadrián   >> Tinto
Viña Berceo Crianza 2008  >> Tinto Crianza
Gonzalo de Berceo Gran Reserva 2004  >> Tinto Gran Reserva
Primi   >> Tinto
Viñadrián   >> Rosado
Viña Berceo Blanco Fermentado en Barrica 2011  >> Blanco Fermentado en Barrica
Berceo Nueva Generación 2008  >> Tinto Crianza
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